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the most epic story of all time!!!
so like the story startz like this tavros is just being his sweet awsome adorible KAWAII self when sudenly FUCKING ERIDEN comes and chops his legz off because he was high off of gamzees pie that he found and just stupidly ate then he was so high he saw tav just picking flowers in a field then he fucking chopped his legz off then ran off (>:( that SOB) so anyway poor little tav is just lying there crying when angel comes floting by with her bunny named sugar when she hears and sees tav there she flys to him and she looks worried at first then she calms her self down and holdz/hugz him then sayz "dont worry im going to fix you up" then she flys him to her house and heals him and gives him robot legz (by the way hes knocked out) so he wakez up and angel is just giveing him a warm sweet nice comforting smile and tav is like wtf she tells him how she found him outside in the fild just lying there about to die and how she saved him then he says thank you so many times that it gets alittle annoying so angel makes him dinner they eat talk blah blah blah and thenthere is more to come this waz just a idea so my fellow fanz wait!
PrincessCosmo Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Dude....... da fuk did i just read? its sweet but....... seriously DA FUK DID I JUST READ? ITS A MIND FUK IN A STORY XD still think its really really fuking adorable
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Submitted on
October 22, 2012